Welcome to AcupunctureCenterofDallas.com, where we challenge each of our clients to reach beyond the normal everyday experience and choose to explore a natural way of living and taking care of your body. We encourage all people to live in harmony with nature. For those who have sought out an alternative to prescriptions drugs, here you will find the answers to a healthy, energetic and physically enabling lifestyle.

We offer alternative solutions, explanations and helpful hints on: pain, depression, insomnia, arthritis, the essence of acupuncture and much more. We offer effective side-effect management from chemo and radiation therapy.

Following our own challenge to address the above symptoms, we offer herbal alternatives to depression, ADHD, insomnia, arthritis, and back pain.

Our Helpful Exercises will help alleviate tension from your daily stressful environment.

We challenge ourselves everyday to live a more healthy way and we will continue to walk our journey with you. It is just a simple decision to live the "wholistic way".

"Enjoy the experience while we utilize our God-given talent and instincts to expedite your healing. The natural way is the healthy way." Dr. Dong Rae Park.

"A Wholistic way is the natural way."


Principles for Good Health

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